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UBS warns Bitcoin futures are close to tulips 1637

Recently, UBS Bank analyst Paul Donovan said that Bitcoin’s futures were nearly identical to the one that before the tulip bubble burst in the 1600s, a mov

David Sacks: A revolution is happening, money is programmed

“Bitcoin has achieved things that Paypal cannot,” said David Sacks – former COO of Paypal, who has invested in web 2.0 companies such as Facebook, Uber

Bitfinex and Tether suddenly block new registration functions

Bitfinex – one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges has suddenly shut down the function of registering new users without giving any notice. Whe

Retail tycoon Overstock accepts payment in digital currencies

Overstock became the first retailer to accept payments in digital currencies including Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, NEM, Bitcoin Cash and more than 40 others.

Reddit co-founder predicts Ethereum will reach $ 15,000 by the end of 2018

Alexis Ohanian – Co-founder of social media network Reddit (2005) and venture capital firm Initialized Capital (2011); Being quite optimistic when it comes t

What is eosDAC? Instruction to receive EOS airdrop on April 15

The eosDAC snapshot will take place at 01:00:00 UTC April 15, 2018. Everyone who owns more than 100 EOS in personal wallets and supported exchanges wil

The Ethereum network is congested and doubles Gas charges just for gaming Dapps

Ethereum’s distributed application ecosystem (dApp) is creating a boom with more than $ 7.5 million in transaction volume on 500 applications and 11,000 user

Home »News» Justin Sun airdrop TRX celebrates Mainnet launch Justin Sun airdrop TRX celebrates Mainnet launch

In preparation for Tron’s Mainnet (TRX) release date, Justin Sun is currently giving away free coins to the TRX community, which he calls the “Millions of TR

Brian Kelly: This is the right time to invest in Bitcoin Cash

According to founder and CEO of BKCM, Brian Kelly, he is optimistic about the future value of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and thinks that this is the right time t

Bittrex cooperates with to open a new exchange

Bittrex partnered with to launch a brand new digital asset trading platform. Bittrex, the leading US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform an

Can replace Facebook?

Minds is a social network, similar to Facebook or Twitter. The most notable highlight on the social network is that it greatly enhances privacy an

Steve Wozniak: Only Bitcoin remains pure

The Apple co-founder firmly believes that Bitcoin is completely different from the rest of the ecosystem. According to Steve Wozniak, of the 1,600 existin

6 potential projects operating on the NEO blockchain

Table of contents article When the market is in a recession, fear is not just for anyone. But blockchain technology will not be affected by market volatilit

Monero - Zcash: Compare pros and cons

Anonymous coins are considered to be the key to the crypto era, aimed at giving people control of their assets, without the intervention of governments an

Minds aspires to be a decentralized social network on Blockchain

Decentralized social media platform Minds is taking steps to turn the Ethereum blockchain into its core features. After launching in 2015, quickl

Intersection Strategy at Olymp Trade

Intersection is one of the strategies using a combination of different technical analysis methods, in order to give investors accurate suggestions on entr

How to Use the Olymp Trade RSI Indicator To Increase Profits

1. What is the RSI indicator? RSI is the acronym for Relative Strength Index (RSI) which is a technical analysis indicator that shows the intensity an

Capture Trends with Candlestick Chart Heiken Ashi In Olymp Trade Trading

The analysis of price charts with candlestick models is no stranger to you when making transactions. However, most candlestick patterns give you a signal o

Olympus Trading Time Frame: When Should I Trade?

Usually when do you usually make transactions during the day? Which trading hour frame do you think is most favorable for your investments? Determining th

Instructions on how to analyze VSA Transaction Volume From Candlestick Chart

Surely you’ve heard about VSA analysis techniques used in online transactions, but you haven’t had the opportunity to apply this analysis in your tradin

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