What is Cryptopia? Instructions to create an account, deposit and withdraw money from Cryptopia

Cryptopia is a fairly reputable cryptocurrency exchange currently standing in the top of the world. Join Bitcoin Vietnam News to learn about what Cryptopia is and guide how to create an account and use Cryptopia.

What is Cryptopia?

Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency exchange designed to facilitate the buying, selling and trading of most virtual currencies today. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand. According to data from CoinMarketCap , Cryptopia is currently ranked 90th in exchanges (based on trading volume).

Cryptopia is capable of providing more functions than regular exchanges. Launched in 2014, Cryptopia is a trading and exchange site for almost all cryptocurrencies. Cryptopia is focused on allowing users to experience better platforms rather than just a regular exchange. Also, allow customers to buy Altcoin at any price offered by other sellers and sell them at the requested price.

The main interface of the website also provides a fully functional online store where users can buy almost anything from cards, gifts, headsets, cars, and cryptocurrencies.

It is worth noting that Bitcoin (BTC) and other currencies can be converted between many users for free, when BTC is transferred via Cryptopia instead of via Blockchain. Users can also set up an auction, where they can start converting cryptocurrencies into actual items and services.

Cryptopia is an exchange established by the Peer to peer ( P2P) protocol , meaning you will buy directly from other users. You can find many very competitive prices, but there may also be some less obvious deals.

Main features of Cryptopia Exchange

An integrated P2P protocol exchange is one of Cryptopia’s most popular features. The platform is usually ranked from 80 to 90 places compared to the leading cryptocurrency exchanges from data based on transaction volume.

While other exchanges will be more popular for the most popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Cryptopia’s expanded support of cryptocurrencies will make it ideal for anyone who wants it. Trading with less common cryptocurrencies. You can find almost any type of Coin on Cryptopia.


The market (Marketplace) incorporated on Cryptopia is one of the most innovative features of the exchange. The market is similar to any other classified website used to buy, sell and trade, but instead of using fiat currency, Cryptopia users will conduct transactions in cryptocurrency.

Price difference

The platform provides price spread information for various cryptocurrencies listed at other popular exchanges. This information allows users to make informed decisions so they can get better deals. This will be very helpful to make a profit on less popular cryptocurrencies, as it will be difficult for many new investors to make profits with highly liquid currencies, such as Bitcoin.

Information on the Coin

Cryptopia also provides updates regarding more than 500 coins traded on the site. Relevant information is listed simply in CoinInfo. Users can view information about overall ratings, algorithms, networks, connection numbers, wallet status, list status and transaction volume.


Paytopia is a collection of services and products provided directly by Cryptopia. They include advertising tools to help users leverage the lists they create. Most services are paid with Dotcoin.


Cryptopia also has a separate lottery entry (Lottery) . You can participate and win the daily or monthly lottery entries, usually prizes for the first, second and third rankings.

At the time of writing, the site’s Lotto section has not been updated, with the most recent display in history listed at the end of October 2017. However, you should also pay attention to the lottery section to see if Cryptopia is continuing to make this interesting list or not.


Mineshaft is Cryptopia’s mining platform designed to work with a variety of cryptocurrencies. It supports miners an incredible range, including those who only use one GPU or CPU, ASIC high-class miners, and all intermediate miners.


Cryptopia will have a bot reward to help users “enjoy” all the features of the site. You can earn money to make certain transactions on the site. The reward system is very random. Rewards will be given in different coins at random costs for individual missions over a specified period of time.

Basically, the user must perform the exact action within a specific time period. If you perform actions within the time period set, you can receive rewards, and users will never know exactly what these activities are.

Some “specific operations” include trading, inserting mining stocks, finding Block, voting, or even chatting. You can see the list of recent awards and the number of awards awarded here. The most popular reward is for trades, and the most common amount awarded is 0.01% of that trade.

How to register and verify a Cryptopia account

Signing up an account on Cryptopia is extremely simple.

Step 1: Visit Cryptopia’s website https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/, select Register and fill in the registration form on the website. You will need to verify your email address, if you have finished verifying that information, you will be able to withdraw money every day and the transfer limit is 5,000 USD.

How to register and verify a Cryptopia account

Step 2: After completing the registration, Cryptopia will send a confirmation link to the Email you are using. Click on the link to verify , then use the Code provided in Email to login.

How to register and verify a Cryptopia account

Verification process includes:

  • Provide ID: ID card or driver’s license or Passport;
  • Provide Full Name;
  • Provide address: Address of city, Country where the user is living;
  • User photo with ID: Users need to take photos and ID on the same photo, the Bot of Cryptopia will confirm in case of successful verification.

The limit increases to USD 50,000 every 24 hours. The final stage of the verification will require proof of address, documents that state why you need a higher limit, and a photo and Cryptopia account name written by hand.

The limit can be raised to 500,000 USD after these verifications. However, you must set up two-factor authentication – 2FA , which is only optional for other levels of verification.

How to add money to your account

It should be noted that the only fiat currency compatible with Cryptopia is the currency of New Zealand (NZD) . Once logged in, simply click the Bitcoin icon that appears next to the username. From there, select the Deposit section in the Menu bar.

The platform will then turn to the page for you to select Altcoin. The system will create a deposit address and you will use it to deposit money into your account.

How to register and verify a Cryptopia account

How to deposit and withdraw money on Cryptopia

Deposit money on Cryptopia

Deposit activities will take place via Blockchain, between e-wallets.

Transactions between wallets via Blockchain do not take place immediately and require verification through Confirmations . Confirmation occurs when the transaction is determined to be legal by the miner. The confirmed block will be added to the Blockchain and continue to validate the new Block.

Once the deposit has reached the Confirmation amount equal to the amount set forth by Cryptopia for that currency, the deposit will be available in the user’s account.

The number of confirmations is predefined by Cryptopia based on the strength and security of the Coin’s network.

You can request to see the Block confirmation number of each Coin on the Coin Info page , click on the Settings tab >>> Deposit Confirmations , you can see the number of times the Block needs to be verified by the network before the money Deposit is available in his balance.

How to deposit and withdraw money on Cryptopia

Note: Cryptopia does not make confirmations or have any control over the completion time. Validations are completed by miners on the Blockchain. Higher fee transactions are more likely to be added to the first Block.

The time to confirm a transaction is determined by two main factors:

  • The network transaction fee is paid when the original transaction is sent (i.e., withdrawal fee);
  • The number of current transactions on the network is awaiting confirmation. In general, the more transactions that are awaiting processing, the longer the time will be completed.

Withdraw money on Cryptopia

Step 1: Click on the B icon in the top right menu bar of the username and select Withdraw .

Withdraw money on Cryptopia

Step 2: Choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to withdraw from your Cryptopia account, by entering a ticker or a currency name, e.g. BTC.

Withdraw money on Cryptopia

Step 3: Select Next and DOT withdrawal window will appear. Enter the amount you want to deposit into the Amount box , or click the blue link number of the balance to select the entire amount of BTC to withdraw.

Withdraw money on Cryptopia


Withdraw money on Cryptopia

Step 4: Enter the wallet address you want to send to Bitcoin Address or select an address from Address Book.

Withdraw money on Cryptopia

Step 5: Click the Send Email Code section to receive the verification code.

Withdraw money on Cryptopia

Step 6: Once completed, a notification will be sent to your email address. You need to click on the Confirm Withdrawal section in the email to complete the withdrawal. Withdrawal will not be confirmed until you select either Confirm Withdrawal or Cancel Withdraw in the email.

Withdraw money on Cryptopia

How to trade on Cryptopia

To start trading, select the Exchange section of the website, then select the Markets section on the left. Next, you can browse the folders or use the search box to filter the results. From there, you will see that the current orders match the trading pair you choose and you can complete the order.

How to trade on Cryptopia

Market on Cryptopia

A unique feature of Cryptopia is to include a marketplace display where users can buy and sell items, post desired auctions and ads (just like buying and selling groups on eBay or Facebook. ). Most of the items listed are related to Crypto, such as mining, ICO guides, currencies, trading programs and other software.

To use Marketplace, select the Market tab at the top of the page. From there, you can search the list or browse the categories. If you want to create a list, click the + (Add) button and follow the instructions. You can choose to set up the auction or choose a price for the sale.

Market on Cryptopia

However, currently the platform is upgrading and launching a new Market version, to improve and help users can continue to buy and sell products using cryptocurrencies.

There is no specific date for the upgrade deadline, all Marketplace notices will be posted on the exchange’s official Twitter.

Fees of Cryptopia

Transaction fee

  • Cryptopia charges a 0.2% fee for every exchange on the exchange;
  • Charges are automatically calculated and displayed in the Fee section after you have entered the Amount and Price.
Fees of Cryptopia

The Total field will show you the total costs before you confirm your order.

Fees of Cryptopia

Withdrawal fee

  • Each Coin listed on Cryptopia will have different withdrawal fees;
  • These fees are static amounts for each transaction, not a percentage of the withdrawal value. Specifically, you will have to pay the same withdrawal fee whether withdrawing .01 BTC or 1 BTC in a single transaction;
  • You can see the Withdrawal Fees on the Coin Info section, in the Settings section for each cryptocurrency;
  • The withdrawal fee is based on the separate Blockchain transaction costs for that currency. The cost of blockchain transactions aims to pay miners for validation and the cost of running the network.
Fees of Cryptopia
  • Cryptopia also considers the periodic withdrawal fee for each Coin after evaluating the average cost of transactions on Blockchain and considering optimizing transaction speed.

Is the Cryptopia exchange scam?

Overall, the Cryptopia exchange is very secure. The platform does not distribute personal information and use HTTPS secure certificates. The team often makes sure the floor is secure.

However, there are still warnings that no information can be completely confidential when sent over the internet. For account security, Cryptopia recommends that users use Two-Factor Verification (2FA). If you want, you can buy 2FA devices from Cryptopia in the Paytopia section. Cryptopia also requires users to use strong passwords.


Cryptopia is a cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand, offering a wide range of services to individual or business users. The platform offers a variety of altcoins and a number of other services, such as online stores where users can purchase items.

However, this exchange is probably not suitable for big players and those who are familiar with the handling of streamlined software. On the other hand, for anyone who wants to trade less popular altcoins or for fledgling investors, Cryptopia will be a great choice.

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