Why is the multi-level model Sky Mining so easy to scam?

At noon on July 26, Colonel Nguyen Van Buu, Head of the Phu Nhuan District Police Department (Ho Chi Minh City), confirmed to the Lao Dong Reporter that he was verifying the application of a victim representing multiple people to the ward 9 police. , Phu Nhuan district denounced Mr. Le Minh Tam, General Director of Sky Mining, for fraudulent appropriation of property.

According to Colonel Buu, the police of Ward 9, Phu Nhuan district has only received applications from the victims. “We will quickly verify the complaint and have specific information soon” – Colonel Buu said.

Invest to say “terrible”

From the evening of July 25, there was a stir in the social network as well as the Bitcoin virtual community in Vietnam with the information of Mr. Le Minh Tam, General Director of Sky Mining (aka Technology Sky Cooperative, the first network). from huge virtual money miners in Vietnam), has “lost contact” for unknown reasons. This information caused investors in Sky Mining to panic when investing billions and tens of billions of dong at risk of losing.

Information from cryptocurrency investors sharing on private groups about virtual currencies in Facebook said that members of the Sky Mining Board of Directors have not been able to contact Mr. Le Minh Tam in the past 2 days.

When the agents contacted Mr. Le Minh Tam via online chat, he said he did not solve the problem and challenged the employees and investors to sue. Information from the investors also said that the rest of Sky Mining’s staff has now set up an interim management committee to run the company as well as resolve incidents and payback for investors.

Many cryptocurrency investors in Sky Mining said on Facebook all investors, “interim leadership” were very indignant and bewildered. By now, there are people who spend 5 – 10 billion dong to invest in the hope of earning up to 0.6% / day.

Sky Mining was introduced as Vietnam’s largest cryptocurrency mining organization, its website is www.skymining.world. Technology experts say the Sky Mining multi-level mining model is the form of participants participating in purchasing mining packages from Sky Mining.

The system requires investors to transfer money to buy a virtual currency miner for as little as $ 5,000. Invested within 1 year, the capital and profit paid by the system is $ 15,000 after 12 months, which is 300% of the investment for investors. After paying the investment package, the unit will ship the machine to the buyer and then the buyer consigns the device to the facility performing the virtual currency mining (coin).

After 15 – 18 months, after completing the 300% profit cycle compared to the original mining package, investors will return the device to Sky Mining. According to technology experts, the Sky Mining model is a form of hiding the excavators to cover the mobilization of high-interest capital, developed in the form of pyramid roses.

3 months ago, the multi-level fraud of iFan with the amount of up to VND 15,000 billion has made public buzz and many people are now suspecting a second iFan is also happening with Sky Mining.

Mobilize friends and relatives to join

According to the reporter’s study, Sky Mining was led by Mr. Le Minh Tam (living in Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City), who was licensed by Phu Nhuan District People’s Committee on March 28, 2018.

After Mr. Le Minh Tam declared bankruptcy, the Lao Dong newspaper correspondent contacted Mr. Le Hoang Thai Thuan (38 years old, living in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) as a major investor of Sky Mining.

Mr. Thuan said that Mr. Le Minh Tam has informed the Sky Mining community that the company’s loss situation should make up for losses, declare bankruptcy, return the machine to investors under the contract.

Mr. Thuan confirmed he could not contact Mr. Tam and he was also an investor. Mr. Thuan has invested in Sky Mining since the Chinese New Year 2018. After a while, seeing good business, some brothers and friends have invested like him. Mr. Thuan regularly goes to the company to understand the situation and to see that the company is doing well.

Mr. Thuan acknowledged that Mr. Tam saw that he had knowledge of blockchain, so he asked investors to support because the company lacked people. “I think that it is possible to help Mr. Tam, not a position, no salary at all. All day just sitting at the company to answer questions for investors. If the answer is no, then turn to the IT department for their support. I myself also lost a dozen billion, do not know how to handle “- Mr. Thuan lamented.

Talking to the reporter, Mr. Thuan said: “During the past few days, many investors have introduced into the company including brothers, relatives, friends who call, also ask, do not know which way to handle. . Currently, I have come to the Police Department of Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District to report on the incident. ”

“To agents, investors of Sky mining,

First of all, let me apologize for this sudden departure. Sorry, I don’t want this to happen, but I really have no choice.

From being a Bitcoin millionaire, Stress has to be heavy for 2 months now. I almost want to go crazy for being responsible to the community.

First, I would like to accept all responsibility for myself, from running Sky mining, accounting and revenue, and factory machines. All are run by me, not related to other members of the management and the agents, assistants to me. And I owe them no debt.

I think I have the ability to manage Sky mining to bring a good future for everyone. But the market is so fierce beyond all expectations. The price of the machine purchased hundreds of millions of hours is only a few million, the capacity of digging from a few dozen dollars to less than 1 USD after deducting costs. I had to use all my assets to silently make up for losses for the past few months without daring to speak out, fearing you worry. But now I’m really exhausted, I had to sell my car to pay off my debt.

And the last way to turn away is the last resort for me to protect my life. Although I really want to stand with investors to say “I’m still standing here”. But can not you guys.

Excuse me. And please cooperate with me to handle the final work for investors.

The workshops still owe the state electricity bill send me electricity bill for me to pay.

Investors who have 100% payback would not accept anymore to help investors who have not yet returned capital.

Investors under 100% have contracts to bring contracts to the company. To record the list on 26 – 27.7 for the company to return the excavators to you. Investors under 100% do not have a contract, then go to the company on July 30 – 5.8 to login ID and receive the phone.

Brothers and sisters agents and owners would like to help me solve the last time for investors.

After settling, I would like to declare bankruptcy of Sky mining Cooperative and take all responsibilities.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to you and your aunt. Sorry to my brothers and sisters on the board for helping me to get involved. Sorry the agent has stood with me until the end.

Sorry all”

Quoted from the letter of Mr. Le Minh Tam.

Mr. Thuan explained that when a large investment group invests in the company, the company will arrange this group to own a workshop. Mr. Thuan for example, if the group invests 100 virtual currency mining machines, the company will put in Thuan’s group workshop 200 machines for information. Then, if this workshop has a new investor, the investor’s machine will also be located at the workshop to manage, which is Sky Mining’s investment principle so far.


After the information of the owner of the largest virtual mining pool in Vietnam Sky mining disappeared, on the morning of July 27, we went to the office of Sky mining cooperative but the door was closed. The investors (investors) present here also determined to have been cheated.

The address of the company office is an apartment in a villa area on Hoang Van Thu Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. About 4 – 5 investors sitting in front of the office discuss and exchange with each other. According to these investors, from the afternoon of July 26, a letter was sent to Mr. Le Minh Tam – General Director of Sky mining. 26 – 27.7 for the company to return the device; If investors do not have a contract, they should go to the company on July 30 to 5.8 to log in the ID and receive the phone.

One investor said: “After receiving Mr. Tam’s letter, we went to the company this morning. Whoever came, the company closed, no one to contact. We have determined that we have been tricked. ” These investors definitely do not disclose the amount of money lost to Sky mining for how much they fear because of their families, colleagues and the company knows, but they admit to losing a lot.

Sky Technology Cooperative registered its address at 202B Hoang Van Thu, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, by Mr. Le Minh Tam legal representative. Although Sky Mining was licensed on March 28, 2018, since November 2017, it has been operating and selling Bitcoin mining machines.

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Why is the multi-level model Sky Mining so easy to scam?

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